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CBCI Outreach Centers

CBCI has eight Outreach Centers for the convenience of our patients. Please visit the Outreach Center information page for a map to the center near you.

Stem Cell Transplantation: An Overview for Patients and their Caregivers

This compendium on Stem Cell Transplantation was compiled through the collaboration of a team of expert physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and mid-level providers working together for more than 20 years.

Important Contact Information:

Vicki Snider – Director of Clinical Operations 720-754-4897

Financial Counseling 720-754-4880

New Patient Intake Coordinator 
Peggy Myers 720-754-4843

Patient Care Departments
Apheresis/Stem Cell Collection Department 720-754-4992
Colorado Blood Cancer Institute 720-754-4800
Nursing - BMT North (Rooms 3401-3412) 720-754-4950
Nursing -BMT South (Rooms 3301-3308) 720-754-4849
Nursing - 3B (Rooms 3201-3220) 720-754-4936
Infusion Center (3rd floor) 303- 839-6394
Nutritional Services – Inpatient 303-839-6032
Nutritional Services – Outpatient 720-754-4875
Psychosocial Oncology Department 720-754-4850

Toll Free Numbers
CBCI - Toll Free Long Distance 877-268-9300
P/SL - Toll Free Long Distance 877-268-9300

Clinic Map

The Patient Information Booklet can be viewed online or you can download the complete booklet from this link: Patient Booklet 2014. If viewing online and you would like to download a particular chapter, you can do this from the links below or at the beginning or end of each chapter.

Print Individual Chapters:


Transplant Team

Planning For a Transplant

Pre-Transplant Process

Transplant Process

Post-Transplant Process