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CBCI Outreach Centers

CBCI has eight Outreach Centers for the convenience of our patients. Please visit the Outreach Center information page for a map to the center near you.

Stem Cell Transplantation: An Overview for Patients and their Caregivers

This compendium on Stem Cell Transplantation was compiled through the collaboration of a team of expert physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and mid-level providers working together for more than 20 years.

Important Contact Information:

Vicki Snider – Director of Clinical Operations 720-754-4897

Financial Counseling 720-754-4880

New Patient Intake Coordinator 
Peggy Myers 720-754-4843

Patient Care Departments
Apheresis/Stem Cell Collection Department 720-754-4992
Colorado Blood Cancer Institute 720-754-4800
Nursing - BMT North (Rooms 3401-3412) 720-754-4950
Nursing -BMT South (Rooms 3301-3308) 720-754-4849
Nursing - 3B (Rooms 3201-3220) 720-754-4936
Infusion Center (3rd floor) 303- 839-6394
Nutritional Services – Inpatient 303-839-6032
Nutritional Services – Outpatient 720-754-4875
Psychosocial Oncology Department 720-754-4850

Toll Free Numbers
CBCI - Toll Free Long Distance 877-268-9300
P/SL - Toll Free Long Distance 877-268-9300

Clinic Map

The Patient Information Booklet can be viewed online or you can download the complete booklet from this link: Patient Booklet 2014. If viewing online and you would like to download a particular chapter, you can do this from the links below or at the beginning or end of each chapter.

CBCI Distress Screening Tool CBCI is concerned with any problems that may be causing you distress. This form helps us understand any concerns that may be affecting you and provide us information to help.

Print Individual Chapters:


Transplant Team

Planning For a Transplant

Pre-Transplant Process

Transplant Process

Post-Transplant Process